Caking the World a Better Place


  This is a bittersweet moment, but we are soooo looking forward to what is to come!​   After over 12 years at our beautiful …

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Cake Cutting Tips!

I get this question SOOO much! There are lots of ways to cut a cake, and honestly I’m not sure there is a “correct” way. I think most commonly you see a cake cut up like you would cut a pie, into the triangle slices & that totally works! However, I have found an AWESOME foolproof way to cut your cake.

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The Sweet-side of the Sass!

Hey guys, this is my very first ever blog post EEEKKK! I’m bursting with excitement! I’ve always wanted to have a stronger connection with our cake lovers and wanted to be more present online. But with always being in the kitchen, caking of course, and everything else that comes along with running a small business, sitting down to write a blog seemed out of reach.

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